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FRIDAY FOLLOW: Beccapassonplastic

FRIDAY FOLLOW: Beccapassonplastic


CAN YOU TELL ME a little bit about yourself?

I am originally South African, lived in Scotland for lots of my life and have recently moved to London to study at Royal Central School of Speech and Drama. I study Applied Theatre which is quite niche but my area of interest within this is working with theatre in conflict zones, refugee camps and prisons. Perhaps I will incorporate documentary making into that as well and may channel my sustainability interests in this way.

Have you always been interested in sustainability?

I have always been eco-conscious in a vague way but only in the past year have I really realised it is my passion. It was actually prompted by my Mom and boyfriend mentioning Plastic Oceans and I became engrossed with the idea that there were people out there living with next to no waste and strives to attempt it; I’m still very much at the beginning of my journey!

Tell me about one or a few low-waste or eco-friendly products that you love. What do you not leave the house without?

I adore my Keep Cup and my range of Chilly’s bottles and will always have one in my bag. I also have a tiny cutlery set that comes in a silicone pouch which is so so useful. At home, wax wraps have been a revolution; I have no idea how we used to be so reliant on cling film!

What/ who inspires you? 

@gittemary was a huge inspiration for me to start and her videos and posts were the foundation of my early changes. I also have a few friends who inspire me such as @thedotblog and @finding.kirsty who engage with my posts so consistently - it keeps me motivated!

I see from your Instagram that you're vegan - can you tell me a bit more about why this is important to you?

My veganism stemmed from feeling hypocritical in my environmental campaign; it felt inherently contradictory to care about the impact of plastic whilst also eating steak with the meat industry having the biggest impact on the planet. After watching Cowspiracy and researching further, I quit all meat and dairy cold turkey (ironically).

What challenges have you faced while trying to live a more eco-friendly life?

I think it’s hard not to get discouraged and to kick yourself for failing. Often we forget that society is not built for the way we are trying to live, we are going against the grain and every product and activity is there to trip us up. I think it was challenging to shift the blame of my failure from myself into a plastic-centric society but once I did that it was a lot easier. It’s also difficult to remember that the sustainable blogs are fantastic but often don’t show the failures so I struggle with imposter syndrome around my account and beliefs quite often.

What more should governments/ institutions/ brands be doing to help?

I think the government has a duty to act as soon as they can, I’m very concerned that no amount of lobbying will make them take immediate action. I think corporations need to be much more strictly regulated. Plastic use is not an environmental issue, it’s a behavioural one and needs to be managed like smoking.

I see you're into second-hand fashion - where do you shop? 

I’m a huge Depop lover as I’ve never been a minimalist wardrobe girl. Luckily, being in London I have a huge range of charity shops to choose from.

You've posted about eco-friendly contraception - would you like to see more people focussing on sexual health and sustainability?

I think sexual health awareness is a huge issue in general and aligning it with sustainability is something that makes so much sense to me. I wish the dialogue around both issues was more encouraged.


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