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5 Simple and Sustainable Bathroom Swaps

5 Simple and Sustainable Bathroom Swaps

When embarking on your journey towards a more sustainable lifestyle, a great place to start is your bathroom. Not only can the bathroom be one of the rooms most guilty of housing some of our less eco-friendly products, it's also a super place to start because of the abundance of wonderful alternatives easily available for sustainable swaps. Today we're starting small and highlighting 5 of the simplest bathroom swaps you can make right now...

  1. Toothbrush

Perhaps the easiest swap you can make is your toothbrush. Swapping to a biodegradable bamboo toothbrush is a simple way to limit your single-use plastics without too much disruption. Bamboo toothbrushes are cheap, easy to purchase online and work in exactly the same way as your standard plastic toothbrush. Considering bamboo is the fastest growing plant on earth and is naturally antibacterial this is a healthy choice for you and the planet! We recommend the Truthbrush (as pictured) which can be purchased in a range of colours from their website for £4.50. www.thetruthbrush.com

2. Razor

The second simple bathroom swap you can make is to replace your disposable plastic razor with a beautiful metal safety razor with replaceable blades. Metal razors vary in price from £20 - £30 but are very cost-saving in the long run and provide an immensely clean shave. They take a little time to master and must be handled with caution until you're confident replacing the blades but once you're comfortable using them, we're certain you'll never look back. The blades are very cheap and can be bought easily on amazon and the razors come in various styles so you can get one you love the style and feel of. The Bambaw razor (pictured) can be bought online for £24 along with various other brands. www.plasticfreedom.co.uk


3. Toilet Paper

Toilet paper is virtually impossible to find in your average local supermarket without a whole lot of plastic. There are a few options out there to avoid this but our favourite has got to be ‘Who Gives A Crap’. Made from 100% recycled paper (no trees!) this vegan-friendly loo roll is delivered in eco-friendly packaging right to your door. Described on their site as ‘as soft as unicorn kisses and as strong as 1000 ponies,’ it’s hard to not want to give it a try… 50% of their profits go towards helping build toilets and improve sanitation in the developing world and they have plenty of information on their site about how they ensure fair working conditions for their employees. It’s convenient, earth-friendly and (frankly) it’s always a bit of a treat unpacking the beautiful individually wrapped rolls into your bathroom cupboard. You can purchase 48 rolls for £36 on their website. uk.whogivesacrap.org


4. Soap

This may sound like a bit of an obvious one but swapping to a plastic-free soap bar is another great way to create a more eco-friendly bathroom. Replace your liquid soap or packaged soap bar with a natural alternative that’s packaged in sustainable materials or, even better, completely package-free. There are so many options out there that you can pick one with just the right fragrance and feel for you. We especially love Bottega Zero Waste’s handcrafted, natural, vegan soap bars that come packaged in fully compostable (and absolutely adorable) packaging. They come in a range of different forms and you can even order a sample pack to test out which one you like best. Bottega Zero Waste also runs workshops on how to make your own soaps, which we think is kind of awesome…! The bars come in at around £5-6. www.bottegazerowaste.com


5. Shampoo

The final simple bathroom swap we’d recommend making is your shampoo. There is a vast array of plastic-free shampoo options out there (from 100% natural bars in paper packaging to shampoo sold in metal bottles) but if you’re only just transitioning from store-bought shampoo we advise starting with a Lush Shampoo Bar. Lush has a great selection of completely package-free bars that are easy to use, vegan and contain a lot fewer nasties than many big brand shampoos. They’re not 100% natural and are much more expensive than some of their competitors (at around £7 a bar) but they’re a great stepping stone into the world of shampoo bars, in our opinion. We love Jason and the Argan Oil - it makes your hair feel clean and soft just like a ‘regular’ shampoo. We’ll be doing a more detailed post soon about the many different brands out there offering plastic-free shampoo options! www.lush.com/products/shampoo

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