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5 Sustainable Swimwear Brands For Summer

5 Sustainable Swimwear Brands For Summer

With summer just round the corner and (hopefully) some glorious sunny days to come, I’ve compiled a list of 5 awesome swimwear brands that are making waves with their sustainable practices. Whether you’re looking for something simple and affordable, a bit more of a statement piece or something that’s more adaptable - I’m confident there’s a suit that will suit you below. Swimwear is something we tend to over-buy and keep only for one summer before replacing with the latest trend. In order to avoid this cycle of consumption, it’s important to make considered choices, looking at things like durability of fabric, versatility and a lasting appeal of the chosen style (for you, rather than society). The brands below create quality pieces that can be re-worn summer after summer. A few even make reversible or multi-way designs, so you can mix things up without having to purchase more than one suit. Check them out and let me know which style is your favourite!

  1. Vigo Swim

Vigo Swim is a sustainable swimwear brand run by Puerto Rican designer Mariana Vidal. She creates distinctive, striking pieces that come in a multitude of bold and colourful patterns and are sold in a broad range of sizes (size S-XL). Each suit is reversible which I adore as it makes these ideal for a minimalist packer, with two options in every suit. Vigo Swim are committed to a sustainable approach; all of their swimsuits are handcrafted out of recycled fabric made from plastic water bottles and they only use compostable materials for packaging too, which is a nice touch. The suits are not cheap, coming in around the £100 mark (excluding postage) however you’re paying for quality and versatility, with the reversible design meaning you’re effectively getting 2 swimsuits for this price. For those of you wanting to add a personal touch, you can discuss custom sizing and designs also. Check out their website below.


2. Baiia

Baiia (meaning one who has the capacity to change the world for the better) is an Australian company making beautiful swimwear with a strong sustainable focus. They make lovely swimsuits that are not only reversible but can also be worn many different ways. The styles and patterns of the suits are simple and classic, meaning they will never go out of trend and are a versatile addition to any capsule wardrobe. Baiia creates their suits using soft and durable recycled nylon which is constructed in Italy and made from industrial and post-consumer waste such as fishnets, carpets, plastic bottles and textiles that would otherwise pollute our land and oceans. It is certified Standard 100 by Oeko-Tex; the world’s leader in testing fabrics to regulate harmful substances. On their website they have a great deal of information about their sustainability values as well as information about the production journey of their products. The welfare of their workers, who are based in China, is outlined in detail which is also very encouraging to see. The suits come in at around £120 so they’re by no means the cheapest on the market, but the fact that you can essentially make 4 different styled suits from one is a real selling point.



3. Tide + Seek

Tide + Seek are a colourful, sustainable swimwear brand that produce hand-made swimsuits in Bali. They create bright, vibrant pieces that are made from ‘Repreve’ fabric; a fabric that consists of 100% recycled plastic bottles. The suits themselves prove that sustainable fashion does not have to be boring - their eclectic neon patterns and dynamic colours are sure to set you apart from the crowd! Their one-piece suits come in at around £65 which is a little cheaper than the previous 2 brands and makes them a fairly affordable premium option. They sell both bikinis and swimsuits in sizes S/ M/ L and also sell very cute matching headbands at a mere £12. When asked about their workers, Tide + Seek assured me that the factory in Denpasar had been visited personally by their team and that the workers there were well cared for and happy.



OHOY is one of those brands that just ticks all the boxes. They describe themselves as a brand combining ‘Scandinavian simplicity and a responsibility to look after the environment’ and they make simple but gorgeous swimwear. All of their pieces are made with 100% ECONYL® yarn which is made from discarded nylons including fishing nets collected from the sea. They only use fabrics that are regenerated, which is pretty awesome to hear, and they give 1% of each OHOY sale towards supporting the recovery of nets by volunteer divers. They take the welfare of their workers seriously, claiming to ‘work hard to ensure only the highest of quality, whilst working within fair & friendly working conditions.’ All of their manufacturing is done in a small family-owned factory in Sri Lanka which they regularly visit to make sure that the standards are up to scratch. The swimwear itself is simple and elegant, coming in block colours and classic cuts, reinforcing their message: ‘We don't believe in swimwear seasons, we believe in adventures around the year.’ Their suits come in at around £80 but claim to be much hardier than your average suit, able to withstand chlorine, sun creams, and oils meaning they should last you a very long time. They also cater for S - XL making them one of the more inclusive brands on this list.


5. OySho

Not to be confused with OHOY, OySho is my final sustainable swimwear shoutout today, their new ‘Join Life’ collection offering up an eco-friendly set of swimwear options. OySho claim to be ‘committed to a global action plan to minimise the social and environmental impact of all our processes,’ and write, ‘we want our garments to care equally for those who use them, those who make them and the world they were created in,’ which I absolutely adore. Their lovely suits are manufactured with sustainable raw materials like ecologically-grown cotton, TENCEL® lyocell or recycled fabrics and come in a large range of colours, patterns and styles. With regards to their worker welfare, they claim their supply chain ‘respects workers and the environment’ as they only work with suppliers who meet their ‘stringent demands’. They have a detailed section dedicated to outlining all of their processes and values which I encourage you to check out. Coming in at around the £30 mark these are the most affordable option on this list, which is great as it opens the brand up to a wider audience. It’s also pleasantly surprising considering the upmarket feel that many of the styles have.


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